The origins of the Gemmo brothers' business activity go back to 1973 with the acquiring of the industrial company named ATAG s.a.s. which specialised in the production of metal objects treated with anodic oxidation processes for cosmetics. In 1980 a need was felt to complete this activity and so the company ALFA s.r.l. was established for the production and sales of plastic packaging for cosmetics. In fact today the two companies having both the same partners and the tight connection of productive processes persuade us to consider the two companies as a single industrial business capable of producing all the pieces within its own structure and offer the Customer a finished product of a vast range of standard articles (lipsticks, small boxes, caps, perfume bottles) produced in different materials, in a range of colours and decorations, all personalised at the Customer's request.
Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a technical office equipped with modern CAD-CAM systems and specialised personnel, we are able to construct moulds and equipment both for plastic and metal in order to create articles according to the Customer's specific designs.
The continual search for new, more innovative materials and technologies is what makes us a dynamic company, in tune with the demands of the market.